Swatch Repair

We repair your Swatch watches!


Here is an indication of current prices. Final prices will be mailed to you upon your request. If you need work done that is unlisted here do let us know. We can do almost anything for you. If you send us more work we may give you a nice discount. Also we can combine shipping to save even more.

Price table

Replace case, movement and crystal (gents) Not waterproof € 110.00
Case replacement with day and/or date ring (gents) + € 15.00
Replace crystal (gents) Not waterproof € 75.00
Replace crystal (Irony Chrono) € 70.00
Replace hands (gents) + € 5.00
Ultrasonic clean (all Swatches) € 10.00
Polish case (all Swatches) € 15.00
Sandblast case (all Swatches) € 20.00
Straighten case (all Swatches) € 10.00
Replace accumulator / capacitor for AutoQuartz + recase € 110.00
Replace accumulator / capacitor for Solar € 30.00
Replace battery (most Swatches) € 5.00
Repair battery cover slots (all Swatches) € 15.00 - € 30.00
Remove corroded battery, clean contacts, place new battery (all Swatches) € 20.00
Replace plastic straps (all Swatches) € 10.00
Replace leather straps (all Swatches) € 15.00
Replace Irony straps (all Swatches) € 20.00
Polish crystal (all Swatches) € 15.00
Replace case and crystal (plastic Automatic) € 60.00
Replace clockwork (plastic Automatic) € 60.00
Full Automatic renewal (plastic case, crystal, movement, back) € 90.00
Product image € 5.00

Prices for lose parts

12 Black ABS replacement Irony strap links for YCN4000AG Sergio Garcia AYCN4000AG € 20.00
Gents, Ladies or Irony Chrono crystal € 50.00
Original accumulator /capacitor for AutoQuartz and Solar € 20.00
Battery for most Swatches € 5.00
Gents predrilled case € 90.00
Battery cover (most Swatches) € 5.00
Strap rods, per pair € 5.00
Set of three hands starts at € 10.00
Original strip of 7 dials € 30.00
Heap of dials, hundred pieces € 100
Heap of straps, hundred pieces € 200
Empty automatic case € 55.00
Automatic movement with stem and crown € 45.00
Plastic box with warranty € 5.00

Prices for shipping by PostNL.

Shipping prices are subject to actual change. We only ship in boxes to avoid damage. Some boxes take the watch only, not its packaging!

Shipping to the Netherlands no liability, track and trace € 6.95
Registered shipping to the Netherlands liability Euro 500 € 8.60
Insured shipping to the Netherlands liability Euro 5,500 € 14.45
Standard shipping to Europe no liability € 9.31
Shipping to Europe with track and trace no liability € 13.00
Registered shipping to Europe liability Euro 500 € 14.65
Insured shipping to Europe liability up to Euro 5,500 Ask
Standard shipping to the rest of the world no liability € 18.62
Shipping to the rest of the world with track and trace no liability € 24.30
Registered shipping to the rest of the world liability Euro 500 € 25.95
Insured shipping to the rest of the world liability up to Euro 5,500 Ask
Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark (excl. Faeroer Islands and Greenland), Germany, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican), Austria, Spain (incl. Baleara, excl. Canary Islands), United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar and Channel Islands), Sweden EUR1
Bulgaria, Estland, Finland, Hongary, Ireland, Letland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azoren and Madeira), Rumenia, Slovenia, Slowaka, Tsjechia EUR2
Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Faeroer Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Channel Islands, Kroatia;, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, Ukraine, San Marino, Servia, Turkey, Vatican, White-Russia, Switzerland EUR3

Payment options

IBAN bank transfer within the SEPA countries, free of costs for me. Free
Cash money hidden in an envelope, sent insured. Free
Cash with local pickup. Free
Free Paypal money transfer to family/friends. Free

No other payments please. Especially normal Paypal payments with buyer protection and Western Union are high cost and full of risks and I do not accept them at all.

Prices for extra's

Risk charge: Add this for every € 100 or part of that € 10.00
Packaging € 2.00

These prices are for standard components only. For instance if you need a case replacement the prices quoted are for standard cases (like black or white) only. A yellow ladies case is more expensive because these are very hard to get.

We advise you pay the risk charge. If you pay the risk charge and something happens to your Swatch in our workshop we will see to it you get a replacement of the same quality. If you do not take the risk charge (it is not compulsory) and something happens to your Swatch in our workshop we will not be able to give any refund other than your return shipping costs. Please take good notice of this. We have to work with this charge to cover the big risks we have when we operate on expensive Swatches (which we like doing very much).