Swatch Repair

We repair your Swatch watches!

Custom made hybrids

For our customers we make different kinds of hybrids. Hybrids are Swatches that are made of parts from different types.

Steps needed

Please take a tour along some real life examples:

Here we have an Autoquartz that was turned into an Irony Automatic:

sWatch Repair Custom Hybrid Samples

Here we have a Plastic Chrono (Mk II) that has turned into an Irony Chrono:

sWatch Repair Custom Hybrid Samples

We love making creations like this one. And yes, we can do the same kind of thing for you! If you have an idea, just share it with us and we will see what we can do. The Irony Chrono, the Gents and the Automatic are best suited for your needs.

A word of warning! We do encourage you all to experiment with your Swatch watches. But even though the story above may seem simple and easy, it is far from. So only try this if you are truly handy, if you have the tools needed and when you are ready and prepared to demolish several pieces. When you try this you are on your own. Swatch watches are made to be free of service. The things we do to them are normally not possible. Several parts are fixed in a one time only manner. One has to break things to free them and use tricks to re-attach them. It has taken us a long time and many broken Swatches to learn this. So best let us do the work!