Swatch Repair

We repair your Swatch watches!

February 8, 2016

Swatch Repair is closed for business

Dear Swatch Repair customers,

Sadly today I closed Swatch Repair. It was a great adventure that ran increasingly well for six years. Most of all I lack the time to keep doing this. And then there is the big frustration called Paypal.

All warranties on repairs done stay valid during their six months period. And if your repair is here or on its way here, it will still be done!

May your Swatches be running for ever!

Hans van Buuren

Swatch Repair

We are the only company in the world repairing Swatch watches.

You found us!

Now finally you have found Swatch Repair! When it comes to repairing your favourite and much loved Swatch watches this is the only place to go. Even Swatch themselves do not offer any repair service. It has taken us much time to master the skills needed to do these kind of repairs. Remember, Swatches were never made to be repaired. In fact they were designed to last at least ten years. In reality they last at least double that so well done Swatch. After that period you go to Swatch Repair. We'll fix it for you!

Even a rare Swatch like this Kiki Picasso Prototype (1985) wears out after time. Yes, we repair Swatches as rare and valuable as this one! Your precious Swatch is safe with us. We have customers worldwide.

Just have a look around our website. We offer many different repairs, we even offer Swatch parts.

Other languages

Swatch Repair =

[NL] Reparatie van Swatch uurwerken, wij herstellen uw Swatch horloges.
[DE] Reparatur von Swatch Uhren, wir reparieren ihre Swatch Uhren.
[FR] Réparation des montres Swatch, nous réparons votre horloges Swatch.
[IT] Riparazione di orologi Swatch, ripariamo i suoi orologi Swatch.
[ES] Reparación de relojes Swatch, reparamos sus relojes Swatch.
[CH] 表的维修 SWATCH, 我们修理你的表 SWATCH